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~ Wu-men ~

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Which Tai Chi Blogs You Should Read

Recently on the Facebook page for Kung Fu Tea, there was a post about a list the author had found naming what the list maker considered the 15 best Taijiquan related blogs. Cook Ding's Kitchen was named among them.

Below is the list. The original found by Kung Fu Tea can be found here.

15 Top Tai Chi Blogs

Best Tai Chi Videos Online
Bloke on the Path
Cook Ding’s Kitchen
Kung Fu Tea
Slanted Flying
Steel & Cotton
Tabby Cat Gamespace
Tai Chi Chuan and Philosophy
Tai Chi Heartwork
Tai Chi Master
The Tai Chi Notebook
The Way of Least Resistance
The Way of Tai Chi
Violet Li’s Tai Chi Examiner
Weakness with a Twist


Angelika said...

I am the author of that list! I tried to contact you via Email. but unfortunately couldnt find you adress on this site.

I really like reading your blog!


Rick Matz said...

RickMatz (at) will work.

terapia de pareja said...

Hola¡ Gracias por estas recomendaciones; las guardaremos como un tesoro, pues el tai chi, así como otras prácticas contemplativas, son importantes para nuestro trabajo como terapeutas de pareja y para nuestra calidad de vida.

Saludos desde México df.

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