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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Taekkyon vs Capoeira

Capoeira is a well know Brazilian martial art that emphasizes kicking. The training is often conducted to music.

Taekkyon is a traditional Korean martial art that may be the forerunner of Taekwondo, and is also paired with music.

After seeing videos of Capoeira and Taekkyon, I thought it would be really interesting to see a video of a match between them.

I looked for a long time but couldn't find anything.Then this one turned up on a martial arts forum that I follow.

I don't speak Korean so I am guessing here. This seems to be an exhibition match between a Korean Taekkyon school and a Korean Capoeira school (that has a few foreigners as members). The matches seem to be from the least to the most advanced in the respective schools.



Anonymous said...

A lot of holding hands but it is actually a pretty good watch. Thanks !

Anonymous said...

That is not Taekkyon. There is so much rubbish on the internet of what is and is not Taekkyon. This is not traditional Taekkyon nor is it martial Taekkyon. This a modern, very watered down version taught in university Taekkyon clubs. You could call it sport Taekkyon. Real Taekkyon moves the arms continually in a circle. The promoter of this tournament and video "the Kyulun Teakkyon Association" does not teach this. This equivalent to teaching boxing without fienting and weaving. Teakkyon does consist of many kicks but it is not Taekkyon without the circular deflecting movements of the hands.

Anonymous said...

This definitely not Taekkyon as they are not applying:
Taekkyon stance
Taekkyon stepping , walking
Circular arm movements
Arms and legs are not moving in unison nor opposition. Their arms are limp.

In Taekkyon the hands always move when the feet move.
This is just a few Koreans throwing some poor kicks. It is not martial Taekkyon nor traditional Taekkyon. Unfortunately it is a form of Taekkyon popular in university Taekkyon clubs where many of the original elements of Taekkyon are dropped.

Unfortunately the "Kyulun Taekkyon Association" whom organises Taekkyon battle and the tournament in this video does not teach these hand movements. To just kick without these hand movements is not Taekkyon. Just as boxing is not boxing without feinting and weaving.