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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Being a Teacher

No, not me! I'm not a teacher and I don't play one on tv. This is a guest article by Jennifer at the Bushido Code Club.

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Being a teacher

Being a teacher means more than just teaching others things you already know.

Being a teacher actually means showing someone his own ability to learn, reminding him of what he might forgot already. Reminding him his own power.

Teaching someone especially when it comes to spiritual teaching and in the end everything is spiritual is all about showing someone his own strengths, I even like to think about it sometimes as the art of showing someone else he is a master too but has forgotten about it.

When you show someone else his divinity he would stop at nothing, no training would be too hard and no other person would be able to stop him from growing. In a sense a good teacher functions like a channel, a clear one, a channel between the personality of a person and the way he thinks of himself and his eternal self. Being the master is just being able to show people who they really are.

They are masters too and if the master is true to himself and his calling all is needed in many cases is the presence of the student for the miracle to happen.

It is more than inspiration it is the ability to look at the master and see yourself as you can be as you once have been and when you see yourself in the master you'll never think of yourself as week, powerless or unworthy again.

Written by Jenifer from the Bushido Code Club blog at


ms_lili said...

Just read the guest post and then went to Jennifer's site and read yours. Good complimentarity there.

About the dragons being born where master teacher and student meet, the tai chi symbol shows the fish circling. Perhaps dancing in the vortex?

Rick Matz said...

If on the one hand, someone is an expert at teaching, while on the other someone is an expert at learning ... something will happen in the exchange!

Anonymous said...

It is sort of alchemy creating something new and precious from so called normal materials

ms_lili said...

lock and key. which is more important? student and teacher serve functions in a particular context. i see teaching and learning as a two-way street, with each process given and received by the other.

have you ever noticed that it is only when you teach that you learn, really learn, in martial arts? you can train yourself to mimic your teacher, but it is only when you try to show another that you incorporate it into your being.

Rick Matz said...

Like I've said before, yin and yang aren't two things, they're one thing.