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Friday, June 27, 2008

Motion Research on Martial Arts

I came across this article and video clip on a mailing list I belong to. The article is about a motion research study done on a master of the martial arts of taijiquan and bajiquan. It was accompanied by the following video clip.

Stanford researchers record 'optimalforce' of tai chi master
By S.L. Wykes
Mercury NewsArticle Launched: 05/03/2007 01:33:41 AM PDT

Tai chi master Chen Xiang performs tai chi movements while a motion analysis test is beingconducted at the Motion and Gait Analysis Laboratory in Palo Alto on April 30, 2007.(Joanne Ho-Young Lee/Mercury News.Jessica Rose, an orthopedic surgery professor at Stanford, could not believeher eyes. Tai chi master Chen Xiang, sensor balls taped to key body joints, wasdemonstrating palm, elbow and fist strikes so fast - and with such force - thatthe sensors kept flying off his body. And then she glanced at her computerscreen, where Chen's movements were mirrored by an animated stick figure.Like a light-footed dancing skeleton, the figure's grace was undeniable. Andfrightening. The explosive power of the strikes was stunning - 400 pounds offorce generated by Chen's body accelerating from 0 mph to 60 mph in 2.8seconds - faster than any Lamborghini out on the street. This level of powerwas a first for her lab. It's also just plain unusual.


Dadi said...

That was pretty cool. It would be interesting to get a more in depth analysis.

Rick Matz said...

Yes, it would be great fun to see something longer and more indepth.

Anonymous said...

I've just read this week, can't remember where that researchers found that mediation enlarges certain parts of the brains even in elderly people and now I see this thanks for the link it is really fascinating to see the world of the martial arts researched in the tools of the west.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,
I've tried to email you to ask if you'd like to exchange links on the blogroll or maybe a guest post but can't find contact info.
Think about it and contact me if you like

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Great that you dug this up and showed it...


Unknown said...

But that's Baji he's demonstrating in the clip!

Rick Matz said...

But he's still demonstrating fajing.