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Friday, August 24, 2018

New Translation: The 13 Nei Gong Exercises of Xing Yi Quan

Franklin Frick, from over at the head instructor of the Spirit Dragon Institute and owner of Shen Lung Publishing, has just published a translation of book of Xingyiquan Neigong exercises, "Nei Gong 13 Exercises Illustrated and the Meaning of Xingyi Explained."

From Franklin:  

This book, originally published in 1926, is now available in English. It gives the reader a rare glimpse into authentic internal training from a bygone era.

The translation is available to purchase through Amazon:

Paperback : 68 pages, 6x9 inches

or get the Kindle Edition 

It was circumstance and chance that led me to this text and curiosity that motivated me to translate it.
I was recently talking with one of my senior (very senior) kung fu brothers. We were reminiscing about our teacher, who is now passed away. He mentioned that one time, our teacher called him over to his house and taught him a set of exercises. We don't know where he learned them or from who. And as far as we know, he never taught them to anyone else.

My kung fu brother told me that, he had once found a book in Chinatown that seemed to cover the same exercises that he learned. This is what led me to translate this book.
I was curious, so I decided to translate the book. To be clear, I never learned the exercises contained in this book. But, I did find the content interesting and informative.
The first part of the book introduces a practice of 13 Nei Gong Exercises. These exercises use physical movement, breathing, and intention (Yi). These exercises are accompanied by self massage and hitting (paida). The goal of the exercises is to build energy and send it to every part of the body. Additionally, a large part of the training involves filling the membranes and making them as strong as the tendons and the bones. Although it is not stated in the book, this training seems to be a method of iron body training.
The training prohibitions, the sequence of training, the methods of hitting and rubbing, the Nei Gong Exercises, and the self massage are all covered in detail. Additionally, there are also in-depth sections on the theory behind the training.

These sections on the theory are where this book really shines. It is very rare to have this much detail given so freely. These sections helped me to understand some other practices I have learned.
The second part of this book covers the oral teaching that the author received from his Xing Yi teacher.
Although the book is short, it is packed with information. Even the author in the postscript states, "Have a strategy to exert yourself in this lifetime. Strengthen the body through exercise. Be careful of this good fortune. Do not neglect it just because this book is short."

You can take a look at the table of contents to get an idea of what this book covers:
Nei Gong 13 Exercises Illustrated




              Important Points for Practicing

              Overview of the Practice

              Contraindications for Practice

              Rubbing Method

              Explaining the Sequence for the Rubbing and Hitting Method

                             Bamboo Beater

                             Wire Beater

                             Sand Bag Stick

                             Wooden Stick

              Exercise 1: Dan Tian

              Exercise 2: Mouth of the Stomach

              Exercise 3: Left Rib

              Exercise 4: Heart

              Exercise 5: Chest

              Exercise 6: Spine

              Exercise 7: Top of the Head

              Exercise 8: Temples

              Exercise 9: Testicles

              Exercise 10: Right Arm

              Exercise 12: Leg

              Exercise 13: Move Qi to the Whole Body

              Complete Rubbing Method

              Method of Collecting and Swallowing on the 1st and 15th of the Lunar Month

              Medicinal Wash Formula

              Talking about the Membranes (fascia)

              Talking about the Tendons

              Talking about Qi and Blood

              Ren and Du Channels

The Meaning of Xing Yi Explained





              4 Divisions

              4 Endings Power


              3 Powers

              9 Numbers

              5 Elements

              6 Harmonies

              7 Heavenly Bodies

              Rhymed Formulas Oral Teaching

              The Song of Double Push

              Essentials of the 10 Shapes


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