Here at the frontier, the leaves fall like rain. Although my neighbors are all barbarians, and you, you are a thousand miles away, there are still two cups at my table.

Ten thousand flowers in spring, the moon in autumn, a cool breeze in summer, snow in winter. If your mind isn't clouded by unnecessary things, this is the best season of your life.

~ Wu-men ~

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Don't Want Her to Die

Codi is a friend of mine. She's a very impressive 20 something young woman. She also has Type 1 Diabetes.

If her sugar level goes too low while she is asleep, she could lapse into a coma and never wake up. She'd like to get a Diabetic Alert Dog,  but these are very expensive and she's raising money at this link. The dog would sense when her sugar level drops and wake her. The dog could save her life.

I don't want her to die. Please donate.

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