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~ Wu-men ~

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Taijiquan and Boxing

I have felt for a long time that Judo was a natural complement to Taijiquan. The softness from the form and the sensitivity from push hands would play so well into setting up a throw. I know my own aikido improved once I began practicing taijiquan.

Another art that I think is a natural complement to taijiquan is western boxing. The boxer's first choice of defense is evasion. Absorbing a blow is the last line of defense.

A boxer must also be absolutely relaxed in order to punch effectively. A perfect punch is going to have full body power.

Gurjot Singh is a long time teacher of both Taijiquan and western boxing. He is training both competitive boxers and MMA fighters. Below is an article about his gym and what he teaches. The full post may be read here.

Everything on the breath. Everything… This is the way of the Internal MMA Boxer. An Internal MMA Boxer is an adept who emphasizes the science of respiration control to enhance mental, emotional and physical performance in the ring and cage. These training resources are considered a vital step in the process of combative readiness. Being a retired Army Ranger I know from experience that Western MMA standards of performance are used by the U.S. Military with astounding results of martial performance. An emphasis on breath control taught in a scientific manner to control modal behavior is taught to troops. In the Temple Underground Gym that concept is even more profoundly explored and applied in combative and combat sport training.
At Temple Underground Internal Boxing Gym breath science is being tested inside the ring and cage with varying degrees of intensity and success. The method is called Western Long Boxing. When applied solely for Cage Fighting it is called Internal MMA Boxing and we have fighters who are using this method. The importance of practicing MMA in an internal manner is that the adept will be able to continue the MMA Boxing training well into their seasoned years and grow stronger and more healthy for the effort.

The result of direct internal boxing or martial energetic training of the Western Long Boxing method was a Valor Fights promotion event “Fight of the Night” (Chris Buttry) and Cruiser Heavyweight championship victory (Lance Abbott). True power is what Rickson Gracie BJJ Yoga has and teaches because the opponent senses danger in what cannot be seen but only felt… and by that time it is too late to secure the victory. Training and learning is continuous even beyond the state of competence. I am still learning how to do this through my new mentor Master Vic Hoti (Wing Chun, Escrima and BJJ instructor) who has trained many MMA fighters using similar methods. However, in the West Gracie is the most prominent MMA fighter to emphasize breath as an essential to stillness and motion in a way we can practically use. More importantly is to make the effort to learn and build upon his great work. You see Mixed Martial Arts is more than mere competition. When done correctly it is a warrior way of life.

For the warrior compassion is the highest form of martial discipline. Discipline is how a warrior expresses love of self and respect for others. Humility is not just a word for a warrior. It is the result of experiences that he or she has overcome with regard to sustaining mental, physical and emotional attacks. It is the realization that there is always someone better and so one must continuously engage and persevere. The victory in the struggle is to reveal the enemy within which is fear of change. This is the warrior way of life. As a warrior way of life the best of us are endeavoring to use this beloved discipline to make ourselves better people. Better fathers and mothers. Better leaders and friends. Better servants of nobility and providers for our families. Only a fool fights for personal glory as the ultimate goal because the wisdom is clear on the subject: All glory is fleeting…

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