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~ Wu-men ~

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Uechi Ryu Karate DVD

Uechi Ryu karate is an Okinawan style, which was derived directed from Southern China. 

Today we have a guest post from Shai Hai, who is the head of Uechi Ryu Israel, describing the DVD he has recently produced. Check out the YouTube!

Groundbreaking Uechi Ryu!

Hello to all fellow martial artists. Here me out! My name is Shai Hai. I am the head of Uechi-ryu Israel (Kenyukai Association). I am a direct student of Master  Shinjo Kiyohide of Okinawa, Japan (9 times world champion, chief of the Kenyukai and the OKF-Okinawa Karate Federation, and possibly the most famous of all Okinawan masters in our time).

For the last 2 years we have been co-working on a huge cost production film which is intended to express the true spirit of traditional karate according to Master Shinjo. This incredible project had been filmed in Okinawan and Israel. It showcases many top level kata (prearranged series of movements), Kumite (prearranged fighting sequences), and uncanny, amazing breaking demonstrations by Shinjo and by his top students, myself included. Throughout the film are laid out many rare and exquisite interview pieces with Master Shinjo. These are tastefully woven alongside much authentic wild footage of the most remote and lost parts of the land of karate - Okinawa. The film provides the viewer with an artistic glimpse to the mind of a modern day Samurai, in a wild forgotten land. The film is 55 minutes long. Its soundtrack was especially written by the multi-talented world famous superstar Borgore, as well as other renowned musicians. This film has no equal on its level of production. Nothing similar was ever produced, either with Shinjo sensei or any other Okinawan master of Karate. It is highly unique and rare.

The film is available for purchase online. DO NOT miss on a chance to be exposed to a true supernova of adrenalin and imagination, as the ancient spirits of Karate manifest their greatness on your screen. May this film be of inspiration for you to pursue your own excellence in whichever path you may choose.

Shai Hai sensei

Get the film here:


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