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Friday, June 07, 2019

Limb Destruction in TaeKwonDo

Below is an excerpt from a post at Traditional TaeKwonDo  Techniques Blog. It has to do with limb destruction, attacking the limbs.

The original post may be read here, where there is an accompanying video.

Limb Destruction works a treat. It's easy to learn. You're not risking breaking your fingers on the hard corners of his skull. And most people can generate a lot of force by the shearing of both arms working away or towards each other.

I had a former golden gloves boxer come to my school about a dozen years ago, saying he wanted to learn 'something useful,' and how he's not seen anything worthy from the other schools he's visited. So I decided to show him how basic blocks could be leveraged against a grabbing or striking arm. Almost immediately he started to flinch from the pain shooting up his arms. Well, he did ask for it.
Our conversation following talked about the difficulty of teaching an absolute beginner how to punch. Not just throwing a balled up hand in the air. But using a punch as a tactical weapon. And yes, we both agreed that it'd take about at least a half year to make an adequate weapon that would function well combatively.

The blocks smacking against his arm though ... lol ... could be used almost immediately. Someone grabs you, you destroy their wrist. You numb their forearm. You render their bicep or tricep non-responsive. You hyperflex their elbow. AND you don't have to think too hard to get the job done. You just smash a part of the opponent's body between your two arms.

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