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~ Wu-men ~

Thursday, September 24, 2009

There is only one taijiquan

It is said that the multiplicity of styles in Taijiquan is an illusion; that there is only one Taijiquan. There is a recent article at Classical Tai Chi Blog on this topic. There is an excerpt below. The full article may be read here.

As in Hong Kong reports:"In 1916 Grand Master Wu Chien Chuan, along with other famous Wushu experts of the time Yang Shao Hou, Yang Cheng Fu, Hsu Sheng Chi Tzu Hsiu, Sun Lu T'ang, Liu En Shou, Liu Tsai Chen, Chang Chung Yuan, Tong Lian Chi, Chiang Teng Tsui, Hsing Shih Ju and others established the Beijing Institute of Physical Education."

These most famous teachers from "Yang Style", "Wu Style", etc., taught under the same roof. If I had to venture an opinion, I would say the teachers themselves were not going around saying, "I'm teaching Yang Style and because of that, the correct way to stand is perpendicular to the ground". My other opinion would be that it was not teachers but it was students who came up with the names, like: "I'm studying something from Yang", "I'm studying something from Wu". I would also venture another opinion and say, those gentlemen did not develop their arts in a vacuum...they also trained with each other, compared arts, pushed hands with one another, etc. That itself has profound implications.


Jim Roach Classical Tai Chi of Buffalo said...


Thanks for posting this. The thought that comes to mind when I re-read this is what generations were there. There was a generation that preceded them as well. The implications of what Taijiquan could do healthwise as well as martial art, certainly had that human generation before them for fruition. So, being well established and already noted for its benefits gives credence to the statement. "It cannot be changed" as Wu Jianquan said to Yang Wabiu.

Rick Matz said...

Thanks for writing it in the first place.